Estimate Policy

We provide FREE estimates for most projects.

However, we do, on some occasions, require a fee between $125.00 and $200.00 for estimate requests that involve insurance or real estate-related work (with the exact fee determined by the distance traveled to the job site and the size, slope/pitch and "difficulty factor" of the roof). However, this fee is waived in some instances, depending on a number of factors. Feel free to call us and discuss the particulars of your request and we’ll let you know "up front" whether or not a fee will be charged for our services.

If you want us to come and take a look at your building(s), there are basically three ways for you to get things started. We schedule our estimating work by filling out an "Appointment Form." That can be done over the phone, in person here at our store/shop, or via our online estimate request form. If you prefer to fill out the online form, please click onto the link below and it will immediately take you to the "Estimate Request Form." Once you’ve completed the form, just press "Submit Form" to complete your part of the process. Once we’ve printed up a "hard copy" of your form, we will place it on our schedule and get to it as soon as possible. (NOTE: Please note on the estimate form if you have any dogs that we would need to be concerned about.)

We respectfully ask that people outside of Tippecanoe County be patient with us. Because of the perpetually increasing cost of fuel, we like to get more than one requested estimate from any particular geographical area before we travel that far away from town. It is the most practical and efficient way to do the out-of-county estimating. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Fill out the Estimate Request Form here.