Masonry Repair Services

Everyone has masonry work somewhere in their homes. Some examples of masonry in homes include walkways, chimneys, and steps. Many people prefer brick or stone because of their durability. Unfortunately, these building materials do not last forever.

Masonry wall cracks pose a threat to the entire building. The weather, intense heat, and frigid temperatures can cause the mortar and bricks to break. If you notice cracked masonry, you must address the issue immediately by doing Masonry repair.

What Is Masonry Repair?

Masonry repair is the process of repairing individual wall portions. It may entail fixing tiny cracks or addressing more severe issues such as projecting bricks and tilting walls. Replacing bricks, stones, chimney crown repair, etc., is also part of masonry repair work. Depending on the piece's detail level and complexity, these repairs could be simple or complex.

Signs You Need Masonry Repair Services

1. Worn-out or Missing Mortar

Most stone or brick masonry walls need repairs every 15 to 20 years. When mortar disintegrates or buckles, the consequences for the masonry building can be catastrophic. Without enough mortar, bricks might rub against one another and deform.

2. Frost Boils

Bulging bricks, also known as a frost boil, result from water seeping through your brick masonry. The bricks will swell as a result of this pushing or pulling. To fix this issue, masons must remove any damaged bricks, rectify the core damage, and install new bricks.

3. Bowed Bricks

Broken or warped bricks allow water to enter your property and cause damage. Often, one compacted brick indicates the presence of numerous others. To resolve this problem, a mason must replace all affected sections.

4. Interior Damage

Interior damage problems may result from masonry damage. You may need masonry or brick repair services if you see moisture accumulation on your walls, drafts, plaster cracks, and warped windows.

5. Cracked Bricks

Brick and stone naturally develop cracks over time. However, fissures with angles greater than 30 degrees pose a hazard to your structure's integrity. It doesn't matter if the bricks aren't likely to collapse; they still impact your masonry. Consult a masonry professional to seal any cracks to prevent water from leaking through or freezing during severe weather conditions.

Problems That Can Be Solved or Avoided by Repairing Your Masonry

1. Moisture Problems

Broken or damaged mortar will allow water to seep into your home. This water can cause severe damage over time, particularly if the temperature fluctuates, resulting in freeze-thaw cycles that further split the fissures. Masonry repairs can help you avoid these moisture problems.

2. Heat Loss Problems

In addition to supporting the structure of your home, masonry repairs reduce heat loss via the walls. As a result, you'll be able to save money on your utility bills and keep your house warm and cozy.

3. Mortar Degradation

A home with a brick exterior has a very appealing and classy appearance. You can lose the aesthetic charm if the stones and bricks are damaged or improperly laid. Brick repairs assist in restoring gloss and sheen to enhance shadow and texture.

4. Prevents Wall Collapse

As mortar joints degrade, the damage can quickly extend to the bricks or stone, causing them to spall and loosen. This crumbling mortar might cause structural damage and perhaps wall collapse if not addressed immediately.

5. Prevents Regular Maintenance

Another advantage of masonry repair is its capacity to eliminate the need for regular maintenance. Brick repair may initially take more time, but it will save a lot of maintenance costs and time. Unfortunately, most homeowners make the typical error of restoring brickwork as they go, patching up little bits one by one. Yet, this method might reduce wall strength and result in uneven masonry.

Maintaining and repairing your masonry will prevent long-term damage. Our masonry repair specialists are skilled in working with bricks, stucco, and masonry stone throughout Indiana, including the Lafayette area. Call the specialists at Sullivan & Fortner if you need a local masonry repair contractor in Greater Lafayette. Call us today at (765) 447-3155 or fill this ESTIMATE FORM to get a free no-obligation estimate.