What Sets Us Apart?

Comparing Sullivan & Fortner to the Competition



We do NOT place an unsightly dumpster in your driveway, or on your lawn.

Not only are dumpsters an eyesore, they also pose a potential safety hazard for children and pets.


Trash Removal

We do NOT leave our trash sitting around in your driveway or on your lawn.

Sullivan & Fortner utilizes modern, lightweight dump trucks to properly dispose of all trash and debris. Thus, the trash that is generated each day is hauled away at the end of each day.


Protection of Your Property

We do NOT make light of customer concerns regarding the protection of their home while the job is in progress.

Sullivan & Fortner takes extra precautions to ensure that your home is protected throughout the project. We go to great lengths to protect windows, doors, decks, awnings and landscaping, especially with jobs that require a complete "tear off" of the existing roofing system.


Exposure to Inclement Weather

We do NOT leave your home exposed to inclement weather.

Sullivan & Fortner closely monitors the weather through the "Dedicated Weather Satellite" system, which uses the latest Doppler radar technology. As soon as we detect bad weather coming into the area, our workers will take whatever precautions are necessary to protect your home from water infiltration. Those areas where the actual waterproofing materials (e.g. — shingles, membranes, etc…) have not been installed will be covered with heavy-duty tarps.

Sullivan & Fortner uses only fully insured company employees for all of our installations.


Terms of Payment

We do NOT require payment before the job begins. (The only exception to this policy is when "special order" items are involved.)

Sullivan & Fortner only requires payment when the job is completed. In addition, we accept credit cards and can offer our assistance in securing financing.


Completion of the Job

We do NOT start a job and then disappear for a few days, like many contractors have a tendency to do.

Sullivan & Fortner stays on a job until the job is finished.


Established Company with a Solid Reputation

We will NOT go out of business and leave you stranded.

While the average roofing company (in the United States) only survives in business for two and a half years, we’ve been in the roofing business for over a century (since 1910). You don’t survive as long as we have in this competitive industry unless your "name" has an excellent reputation. You can count on us being around for many years to come.


Ownership of the Company

We are NOT associated with any national roofing "chains" or "franchises."

Sullivan & Fortner is a locally owned and operated roofing company.


Quality Products

We do NOT use inferior products/materials.

Sullivan & Fortner only uses high quality products and materials backed by some of the nation’s most reputable and established manufacturers.