Why Choose Sullivan & Fortner?

Comparing Sullivan & Fortner to the Competition


Continuity & Stability

Problem: The average roofing company only stays in business for roughly two and a half years. Thus, if you experience any problems with your roof after completion, you may find that it's difficult to locate the installer and have them address the problems.

Solution: We've been in business since 1910, offering quality service to the residents of Lafayette, West Lafayette, Tippecanoe County and surrounding counties. We'll be around for many years to come.


Quality Workmanship

Problem: Industry studies have shown that approximately 86% of all roof leaks occur from faulty workmanship.

Solution: Our "certified applicators" (i.e., shingle installers) are all experienced installers, with manufacturer/factory-accredited workmanship status.


Quality Control

Problem: Many contractors have poor quality control standards and leave young, inexperienced workers in charge of far too many of their jobs.

Solution: We designate one experienced project supervisor/foreman to oversee the work on each individual project. In addition, our roofing foreman makes periodic visits to ensure that everything is being done to Sullivan and Fortner's high standards.


"Hands On" Management

Problem: Once a contract has been signed, the owners and upper management-level employees of roofing companies typically are "nowhere to be found" for the rest of the project.

Solution: The owner and managers of Sullivan and Fortner are usually "out and about," visiting job sites to check out the ongoing jobs and making ourselves available to answer any questions the homeowners might have. This allows us to quickly address any unanticipated situations that might arise.



Problem: Many problems develop because of poor communication between the homeowner and contractor or between the management and laborers of the company that has been hired to do a particular job.

Solution: Our estimate-contracts are extremely detailed precisely because we want to avoid any problems that arise because of mistaken assumptions about what we are proposing to do. Also, all of our supervisors and management staff members have cell phones that allow us to quickly respond to any problems or concerns that might be raised by either the homeowner or our employees.



Problem: Many roofing contractors offer impressive workmanship warranties. However, what good does it do for the homeowner if a company offers a multi-year workmanship warranty but is no longer in business a year or two after the completion of the job?

Solution: We offer a 10-year workmanship warranty for all new jobs that we perform.  Experience shows that workmanship problems will usually reveal themselves within the first year after a job has been completed. By the time you get through the various extreme weather conditions that we experience in mid-north Indiana, you'll know if something was or wasn't done properly.



Problem: Many customers don't take the time to check out potential contractors. We can't tell you how many times we've heard someone say, "I wish I had known more about (another contractor) before I had them work on my home."

Solution: Most of our work comes from referrals from previous customers who tell their family members, neighbors or coworkers about us, which is a testimony to our satisfactory performance. Feel free to ask us for references.


Lowest Price vs. Best Value?

Problem: Many people choose to go with the lowest bidder from two, three or four separate bids for their project. However, simply going with the low bid doesn't mean a homeowner is necessarily getting the best value for their investment.

Solution: Sullivan & Fortner may not offer the lowest quote, but we firmly believe that we offer the very best value for your investment. We offer fair, competitive pricing for our prospective jobs, provided that our competitors 1) have comparable quality control standards, 2) are fully insured, 3) are using the same high-quality materials that we use and 4) will still be in business several years from now if any problems should happen to arise.


10 good reasons for choosing Sullivan & Fortner:

  • We're a locally-owned roofing company that has been in business for over a century (1910) and we have every intention of being around for many years to come.
  • We are fully insured and bonded.
  • We offer a comprehensive 20-year material and labor warranty in addition to the standard shingle warranty for most roofing jobs.
  • We only use quality materials made by well-established, reputable companies.
  • We do not require payment before the job begins (excluding rare jobs that involve "special order" items) and we allow our customers to choose from a variety of payment methods, including credit cards. And we can even arrange financing.
  • We clean the job site each day we are there and our workers do a thorough clean up of the site once the job is finished.
  • We do not use unsightly dumpsters. Instead, all trash is removed daily in our lightweight dump trucks.
  • We do whatever is necessary to protect your home, lawn, flower gardens and shrubs for the entire duration of the job.
  • We do not leave your home (or business) exposed to inclement weather and we stay on the job until the job is finished.